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The Significance of Christ- Grace

In making the point about what he calls the “paradoxical Christian secret,” Baillie is seeking to describe the subtle differ­ence between the kind of goodness that is a response to the spirit of Christ and the kind that is mere … Continue reading

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Sir John Polkinghorne on Science and Theology

BOB ABERNETHY: Now, Perspectives today on one man’s view of the continuing struggle between religion and science. Sir John Polkinghorne is both a world-class physicist and an Anglican priest who says science can explain only part of what’s real. Chris … Continue reading

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The God Who Beckons

Article Details Recent discoveries in science have given us a new picture of the divine creator  There was a time when asking a question about the purpose of life was simpler, because the answer never changed. Whatever existed and happened, … Continue reading

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Divine Providence and Human Freedom

During the general audience in St Peter’s Square on 21 May, 1986, the Holy Father, John Paul II continued his catechesis on Divine Providence. The conference was based on the biblical text, Sirach 15: 14-15, 18-20, and is the thirteenth in the … Continue reading

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