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Justice for Planet Earth – A non- political Issue for the American Catholic Bishops

Voices all over the earth are crying out for justice and freedom! Too many dictators are popping up like weeds invading a garden; only the garden happens to be the planet. As of today, there are 50 dictatorships in the … Continue reading

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Abortion in the Old Testament seen as a dilemma for Christians

Part 1 This post is NOT an endorsement for abortion. Rather it demonstrates the confusion and moral dilemma surrounding the morality of such an action from the Jewish and Christian perspectives. It is mainly from the Hebrew Scriptures that the … Continue reading

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What if Jesus Never Intended His Followers to Form a Church as we Know it Today?

Peter DeHaan  I looked at where the Bible talks about the kingdom of God and where it talks about church. What I learned is shocking. Jesus teaches about the kingdom of God, not church. These are New Testament Considerations Both … Continue reading

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